Wolfram Thurm

Product Designer

Wolfram, or Wolfi as he is known to us, is one of our Product Designers. He is also our resident Designer DJ.

He studied Product Design at the Bauhaus University in Germany and Music at the Franz Liszt University of Music. Talk about a superhero, yeah? He loves to draw parallels between the two and is constantly observing the similarities between being a designer and having played in the orchestra. He currently also teaches at the A.R. Rahman College in Chennai as a part of the Sunshine Orchestra Initiative.

He’s deeply passionate about the environment and has worked on a few projects focused on recycling. A collaboration between the SJEC Mangalore and the Anonymous Indian charitable Trust, recycling low-value plastic waste into construction material to build inclusive playgrounds and public spaces. On his days off, he’ll be caught making baby faces at his daughter, or anywhere near a beach.