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Vishwanath Pasumarthi


As a Product Designer at Obvious, Vishwanath brings together his love for strategy, research and design.He worked with Trip In Inc. first as a design research intern, then as an Integrated designer to help reduce the time taken by businesses to book a truck from 3 hours to 3 minutes; as an Independent Designer with The Designship and Asian Paints to develop training workshops to improve cross-selling of products to architects and interior designers; and interned at Indian Type Foundry to design a classic Tamil typeface for use in print.

Vishwanath also actively explores overlaps between complexity science and design through workshops, installations, papers and talks. His bachelor’s degree is in Graphic Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

Vishwanath's made his towering presence felt at Obvious pretty much from his first week. He's there in Android community events, asking insightful questions, hosting artwithintent conversations outside, and exploring ethics in design and indeed in the workplace.

On why he became a designer, Vishwanath said:

I wanted to be a computer scientist and study Computer Science at IIT Bombay, but I was very reluctant of giving a written exam. My mother saw a newspaper ad for NID, and said that it'd be the only chance I'd get to draw in an exam and get evaluated. I somehow got in, and ultimately chose design, because it seemed more interesting and I slowly started learning more. I saw this really beautiful video about MacBook Pro with asymmetric fans and all that stuff, and I always thought engineering was the way to do that kind of work, but never considered design as a way to do it.

What excites me the most about design is that it is a confluence of science and art. You get to question things and go into the whys of things, build things and make sure they're aesthetic not just in the way they look but in the way they function. So you get to do almost everything — art, science, design, engineering and you pick up all those threads depending on how deep you want to go.

A good day at work for Vishwanath is when it ends with him being more energetic than he started, where he's been able to support someone else, meet all deadlines, or build something interesting, or discovered something he did not know earlier. Even if he's spent his entire day on calls, it still amounts to work for him because he's been able to remove blockers and help other people be productive or get answers to problems everyone's collectively trying to solve. His top three inspirations are Barack Obama, APJ Abdul Kalam and Bob Iger.

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#BeyondTheObvious, Vishwanath does not just bring loads of positive energy with him, but also inquires deeply and takes his conversation partners along in that journey. He's currently in the process of unlearning how having multiple people on the team is additive as opposed to competitive.

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