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Vinay Shenoy


Vinay works with Obvious as a Product Engineer in the Android engineering team.

He likes to build mobile apps and is adept with Kotlin and Java and really enjoys working with Ruby as well. He likes to hold focused training for engineers and is an active member of BLR Kotlin. He has previously worked with Sourcebits and Flipkart. He has also worked at Doowup that was focused on building a visualisation platform for the home interior industry and saw it through an acquisition by HomeLane.

A passionate GIF advocate, and a full-time gamer in a parallel universe—Vinay wears many hats with many feathers at Obvious. Whether it's throwing around funny one-liners on general chats or bettering the hiring rubric with a new code review interview process, he switches contexts and gets things done with an ease so steady, it can only be achieved through years of hard work.

When asked why he's an Engineer, Vinay said:

My father got his first computer for work when I was seven or eight, but I played a few games on it. That's when I thought I wanted to make games in the future. When I started working eventually, however, I decided to keep work and fun separate. I am still an engineer because I enjoy building systems and like writing software. This field is very young, and there are things that nobody has the right answers to. People think they do — but when you're building software, it's a matter of making trade-offs based on different needs. It's very interesting to go into the details of: "why are we making this decision now?" "Is this a decision that we want to change in the future?" It's fascinating how systems can transform based on people's states of mind and current product requirements.

A good day at work for Vinay is where he doesn't have a lot of unpleasant surprises, things go as planned, and all problems and challenges are resolved during the day. If he's not working, you'll find him reading high fantasy novels, or playing video games endlessly.

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#BeyondTheObvious and in between drinking Code and writing Coffee, Vinay possesses a never-ending yearning to help others, become better at his work, and embrace change instead of fighting it.

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