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Vikalp Gupta


Vikalp has a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Roorkee, and is a self-taught designer. He joined the core team of Razorpay as their first UX/UI designer where he spearheaded the brand’s identity, designing its logo & setting a design language. He also proposed various design initiatives informed by requirements from their tech and business teams.

Vikalp usually takes on the role of an observer — keenly spotting people's quirks that might go by unnoticed, finding meaning in between sentences, and letting his work speak for himself. His love for creating shines bright above all, seconded closely by a deep yearning to understand human behaviour and what drives us as people and learn as much as possible.

On why he chose to become a designer, Vikalp said:

I like creating new things, and that's why I got into engineering first. UX design was a great entry option to learn alongside that and it eventually culminated into design full-time. Design is a great mix of technology, science, and human behaviour and it's fascinating to see how humans use it for various purposes, or how you can make science or technology consumable for people.

I am excited by the prospect of creating new things, coming up with ingenious solutions to day to day problems, and simplifying things that are unsolved.

A good day at work for Vikalp includes getting a long stretch of time to work on a design problem, just a few meetings, collaborating with peers, and spending time discussing multiple things under the sun (remotely at the moment, but ideally in person at our office). He's also really hoping for things to turn back to normal, so that even though we continue to work remotely, we have an option to visit office every once in a while.

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#BeyondTheObvious, Vikalp is always up to share lists of things to read, discuss fascinating articles on the internet, and ace quizzes on history and design. He's just as willing to engage in conversations about resilience as deep work, and doesn't think twice before reaching out a helping hand and making sure everyone around him moves forward, too.

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