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Sindhu Shivaprasad


Sindhu is the writer-at-large on the Obvious Communications team. She's an NCTJ-accredited journalist by education, bringing years of creative storytelling experience and meticulous journalistic standards to the table. At Obvious, she writes and edits for internal and external communications, safeguards the Obvious tone of voice, and helps develop long-standing communication strategies. She thrives on the challenges of wrapping the intangible in carefully selected words to weave powerful, moving narratives.

Sindhu has an undergraduate degree in Journalism, Psychology and English Studies from Christ University and a master's degree in Journalism from the University of Sheffield. She has an unshakeable overarching life goal: to lend her skills to projects and organisations that consciously pave the way for a more inclusive world. She's old-school in process, preferring to ideate and write with pen on paper and seek inspiration from the printed word.

A bookworm, a library builder, a recommender of all kinds of interesting reads, and thinker of deep thoughts, Sindhu uses her wordsmithy as a force of good. and she manages to do all of this with an unnerving grasp of reality and a vein of humour that not many manage to balance.

When asked why she became a writer, Sindhu said:

Short answer: my birthday is the same date as Shakespeare's (contested) birthdate and (confirmed) death anniversary, so it felt like fate. To strike a balance between writing for money and writing for myself, I studied journalism, languages and English literature with a side of psychology, and then dove into copywriting. I want to live a life in the literary arts.

What excites me the most, more concretely, is bridging gaps for industry experts who are excellent at what they do but can't put their value into words or don't have the time. But more abstractly, I like playing around with words to create meaning from nothing. I am fascinated by the psychology and sociological aspects that go into writing narratives, the slippery nuances of writing for different countries and audiences, and the potential and limitations of translating between languages.

For Sindhu, a good day of work consists of an hour with a news magazine and no phone to start the day, setting the day's agenda with the team, a maximum of 1 hour spent on Zoom, 4-5 hours of deep fulfilling work, lots of chai, striking everything off her to-do list, wrapping up when the sun is just setting so that she can soak it in.

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#BeyondTheObvious when she's not working through an organised list of work to-dos, Sindhu enjoys creating for the love of creating — through film photography, linocut printmaking, newsletter writing, biro sketching and brushing up on one of many languages, among other hobbies. She also helps manage and market her family's businesses, including an art store, a to-be HSE consultancy, and an at-home pet care.

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