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Simran Singh


Simran works as a Product Designer at Obvious.

She completed her Bachelors in Human-Centred Design minoring in Experimental Media Arts from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (2020), where she studied Design Research, UX Methods, System and Interaction Design. Here, she developed a keen enthusiasm to curate responsible experiences around emerging technologies.

Prior to Obvious, she interned at Mathscapes on open-source projects exploring the themes of education, explainability and inclusion in new-age digital mediums. Her work in Sigmoid: an open, paper-based toolkit to teach AI to school children was showcased at IndiaHCI 2019. She continues to experiment and explore Design + Research to find a niche to pursue her masters within.

She truly believes that Complexity is a bunch of simple rules left on Earth for too long. In her free time, Simran can be found playing badminton, the piano, creating random artefacts or simply wondering where we’ll all go as a civilisation, when products too are reminding us to be increasingly self aware.