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Shreya is a designer with a background in visual and service design. She has a Bachelors of Creative Arts from Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore and began her career as a communication designer working on branding and visual strategy projects. With a growing interest in strategic design, she decided to pursue a Masters in Design Innovation from Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. During her Masters she focused on citizen-centered design and qualitative research techniques. She worked with RBS, Edinburgh as an innovation designer prior to joining Obvious.

Shreya has a wonderfully measured way of speaking: pausing to think, clarifying the question, and delivering her answer quite elaborately. So many topics under the sun fascinate her — pick one to chat about, and you can hear her speech peppered with tones of excitement, curiosity, wonder and delight.

When asked why she became a designer, Shreya said:

It was somewhat of choosing and somewhat falling into it. I started as a visual designer and tried different aspects of design. What I enjoyed the most was the real-world aspects of it, like strategy and thinking about the functionality of a design, how it fits into the larger ecosystem and how it comes alive when you're putting it in different places and interacting with people. So keeping all of that in mind, I decided to pursue a Master's in service design focusing on strategy, research and human-centered design. And that's how I'm here doing what I do now.

As for what excites me about work: complex problem solving. When you start a project you're completely in the dark, you don't know where it's going to go. As time goes on, you have more clarity, and that journey I find very exciting — scary, but exciting. Starting completely in the dark, but knowing that you will end up with something new if you are genuine to the process — I think that's the most fulfilling part.

A good day at work for Shreya is: an agenda and clarity in the morning about tasks, the larger scope of the work and how much of that has been done in a day. So there's a larger picture and a smaller picture and vision at the start of the day. Having a good amount of deep work, and a balance in when you need to talk to other people and when you need to do work on your own. Then, having a clear end to the day and having a sense of "I have achieved something".

Three people that inspire her are: René Magritte, for pushing the limits of what we think is normal; Jameela Jamil, for being brutally honest and very unapologetic about who she is; and Lizzo, for similar reasons.

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#BeyondTheObvious, Shreya is obsessed with mapping and doodling to channel emotions. Visual journals and doing hands-on crafty things: frame-by-frame animation, embroidery, painting, paper art is her jam. She also loves cooking for and with others, because it creates a sense of community. Other than binge watching sci-fi, psycho thrillers and crime shows/movies, she has also been trying to get into zero waste living and is currently researching and implementing small ways to work towards that end goal.

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