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Sasikanth Miriyampalli


Sasikanth works as a Product Engineer at Obvious.

He has a keen interest in creating beautiful UI/UX and likes trying out various other frameworks and languages. In his free time, he works on side projects to learn and try new things, as was evident in one of his creations - a productivity app called Pinnit. His other interests are gaming, watching anime and listening to music. He blogs at where he talks about programming.

A silent mind can be a healing mind, and Sasikanth embodies that to a T. His vision for himself and the world, and a wonderfully tracked trajectory of his personal and professional growth are inspiring, to say the least.

On choosing to become an engineer, Sasikanth said:

I like that I can build the products from scratch, and bring to life whatever I have in mind for the world to see. Engineering is structured and logical, and it's fun when I know what my end product is going to be when I'm writing the code. Also, when I started programming, I had to use a different language than I did two years after that, and then two more years after that. The field is changing and evolving — there are multiple options and developments, and it's interesting to be in a field where there's constant innovation.

When I get to work on a feature, it's used by hundreds if not thousands of users and knowing that they really like using it is rewarding, and even if that's not the case, the learning curve is great. This is what motivates me to work everyday.

A good day at work for Sasikanth is where he's productive, able to close the task, document, or close the problem he'd set out to tackle that day and have some time to catch up with his teammates. If he's not working, you'll most probably find him watching a series, playing video games, and sometimes, going for a long walk outside by himself.

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#BeyondTheObvious and regular invitations to play video games on the weekend, giving great anime recommendations and using borderline questionable tactics to get people to come work with us, Sasi is a person constantly pushing boundaries and challenging status quos. He's also extremely fascinated by design, and everything related to it ,and his side projects such as Pinnit are a testament to that.

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