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Sarun Ramachandran


Sarun joined Obvious after completing his Masters in Universal design from National Institute of Design, Bangalore in 2018. Also, he had interned in Shuttl, where he helped to redesign the customer pick-up experience and enhance the app used by Shuttl drivers.

Before NID, He completed his BE in Computer Science at Kumaraguru College of Technology and worked as a UX designer at companies such as Cyberarctic Labs, Ad-Hash Technolabs, UITOUX Technologies.

Sarun is a strong force to be reckoned with, with an ability to grin almost permanently, listen attentively and sentences that, despite being few enough to count on one hand, hold a world of meaning.

When asked why he's a designer and what excites him the most about his work, Sarun said:

When I started product design, I think I had one definitive answer. But the more I look at it now, that answer changes everyday. The most important aspect of product design is being able to be creative in solving problems, and that it's live and actionable as compared to the rest. On a daily basis, I mostly focus on what is it that I'm trying to solve, or what is it that I can accomplish today, through this project, phase or the year. And that's what motivates me more than anything else.

For Sarun, a good day at work would ideally have a lot of work — clarity in the morning about what he's supposed to accomplish, but it should end by five o'clock! Balanced meetings, no long calls towards the end of the day, and you have him sold!

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#BeyondTheObvious Sarun has a near-stoic demeanor that would encourage anyone to swim through all odds, and a positive outlook that would make even the most hardened skeptic cheerfully face challenges head-on. He's also equally passionate about the environment, and climate change, and looking at ways to be more sustainable and contribute towards building a better ecosystem through smaller steps.

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