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Prerana Shembekar


Prerana is an engineer turned product designer. She studied computer engineering at MKSSS Cummins College in Pune and worked as a software engineer for a year before she realized her true calling was design. She went on to study graphic design at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology in Pune.

Previously, she worked at BookMyShow as a UX and product designer and consulted with Fitterfly, a healthcare startup where she designed the patient app experience.

When asked why she decided to work as a product designer, she said:

Good design can make a difference. It can help solve real problems, create experiences and even change human behaviour if it pushes the right buttons. This keeps me going. I like to think about why people behave a certain way and design experiences around that.

Outside of work, Prerana is inspired by three people. Ratan Tata, for being a visionary, a risk taker and for his humility. Sudha Murty, for her social work and for championing the idea of simplicity being sophisticated. AR Rahman, for his dedication to his art, for capturing emotions and for his successful experiments with music!


For Prerana, a good day at work has pockets of deep work without interruptions. She likes to engage in fruitful discussions with her team. A serious work environment is not her cup of tea and a good day at work is about having fun and learning.

#BeyondTheObvious, Prerana finds dance meditative. She has a deep love for food and cooking. She likes being on the move and goes for a walk or a hike every once in a while. And a good book is the cherry on top of a relaxing day!