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Pratul has worked with a variety of clients such Ola Cabs, Dunzo, Myntra, and Flipkart, helping them deliver products that continue to improve and evolve. He believes that great products are much more than the sum of writing and deploying code, and his work at Obvious has helped him understand how to create productive engineering teams at scale.

Pratul's active interest and participation in the open source movement shaped and guided his philosophy on software engineering and communities. Starting as a web developer and Linux sysadmin in 2006, he contributed to Drupal for many years, before moving to mobile engineering.

At Obvious, no matter the size and priority of a conundrum, Pratul will respond to it with equal amounts of dedication and willingness to help, and a huge grin to add some warmth.

When asked why he chose Engineering, Pratul said:

It was basically having access to computers at a very young age. I was extremely lucky that my school and in fact, even at home, I had access to a computer in the early 90s, which is extremely rare at that time. And that obviously helped fuel my interest in generally in computers. And in fourth grade, my school had a logo programming class. And it just completely blew my mind that I could express my creativity in such a fashion — and from thereon, it just it never ended.

What do I enjoy about it: I think watching people interact with stuff that I've had a chance to work on, or a chance to build. There's a certain sense of selfish satisfaction that I gain out of that, like "you're enjoying using that thing, and I built it. I was responsible for producing the satisfaction

For Pratul, a good day at work is a mix of things. Being able to have some deep work time to myself where he can tune everything else out and work towards building or solving something. That combined with some amount of downtime, maybe have a conversation about something tangential, unrelated to the work that he's doing with somebody. That definitely constitutes as a great day.

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#BeyondTheObvious cat-joke-chat trinity, Pratul is driven to make something worthwhile of this world, and leave a lasting impact. Pratul's conscious effort to be always better—at engineering, giving sage advices, having difficult but much-needed conversations, or being encouragingly inclusive and empathetic—is a journey worth emulating.

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