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Noyal is a self-taught Android developer. He has a B.Tech degree in Computer science and engineering and worked as an Android developer at MACOM before he joined Obvious. He published his first app on Google Play Store when he was 19 years old.

Developing apps for Android is his happy place and he looks forward to Android rolling out a new version because it gives developers new things to try out. When asked why he decided to become an Android developer, Noyal said:

It’s a fulfilling feeling when someone finds a product I built or contributed to building useful. For me, engineering is all about bringing ideas into reality. When I develop apps, I feel like a creator.

Noyal is inspired by four people, outside of his field:

  • Naval Ravikant, for his wisdom on wealth and happiness
  • Andrew Huberman, for his work on how to improve habits and mental health
  • Zayn and Toni Mahfud, for they style themselves

For Noyal, a good day at work starts with knowing what he needs to get done. On a good day, there is time for experimentation and for catching up with his colleagues.

#BeyondtheObvious, Noyal enjoys swimming, cycling and going to the gym. Some solitude, good cinema, an afternoon nap and catching the evening sun is his definition of a relaxing day.