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Nikhil Mobile

Nikhil is a self-taught designer and a computer science engineer by education. He was always interested in design and started freelancing while he was still in college. After he graduated, he joined an IoT company as a UI designer.

When asked why he decided to work as a product designer, he said:

To me, product design is all about making products that are easy to use. I want to design products with a satisfying user experience. I’ve used poorly designed products and I think changing that drives me.

Outside of work, Nikhil is inspired by three people:

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio for his acting chops and his love for the environment
  2. Peter McKinnon, a YouTuber and photographer, for his creativity
  3. Elon Musk for his innovative and futuristic thinking

For Nikhil, a good day at work starts with tons of energy and clarity on what to do. His ideal work environment is one that allows him to express himself and have fun along the way.

#BeyondTheObvious, Nikhil enjoys spending most of his time with his friends and family. He’s quite the binge-watcher and has recently discovered anime. If you have recommendations, send them his way!