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N Chandrasekhar Ramanujan


Chandra is a Product Designer at Obvious.

He’s interested in building cutting edge digital products that are good for society and help people achieve their goals. He joined Obvious after completing his Masters in Design from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

While at Srishti, his projects were chosen for global academic conferences such as the 2020 Participatory Design Conference in Colombia and the 2020 India HCI conference at IIT Guwahati. Before Srishti, he studied economics and public policy at the Indian Institute of Technology - Madras, and worked in the internal skunkworks division of Kantar IMRB, India’s leading market research company.

Chandra is possibly a yet-undiscovered energy source, moving fast to get things done. Living alongside his ability to be open and chatty and engaging, is the propensity to really inquire within and make big changes to his own ways of being and working.

When asked why he's a designer, Chandra said:

I'm a designer because I like making things for people, solving problems and making people's lives better. The fact that I get to meet new people, bounce ideas off them, get to learn more, and be imaginative and creative, but at the same time, be able to help people serve a higher purpose, is a huge privilege.

Three people who inspire Chandra are: His father for struggling through a difficult journey to get where he is now, Viktor Frankl for his questions on the meaning of life and sharing his experience as a Holocaust survivor, and Ada Lovelace for seeing potential where many couldn't. Chandra is more inspired by outsiders, who aren't viewed by other people as someone who can succeed, and face a lot of barriers, but succeed anyway.

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A good day at work for Chandra is when he's been able to knock out a big deliverable, can relax a bit and spend time going over the small details and cleaning up his work before getting onto the next big challenge.

#BeyondTheObvious, Chandra can be found with a book and a thermos of coffee, sunbathing in the nice Pondicherry weather, or making memes, gardening, and testing new cocktail recipes.

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