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Monami is an animator and illustrator from Darjeeling. She studied fashion design at NIFT Bangalore and animation film design at NID Ahmedabad.

She worked with Levi Strauss & Co., Urvashi Kaur and Bodice Studio as a fashion and visual designer. At Doodlage and Sesame Workshop, she worked as an illustrator. When asked why she decided to work as an illustrator, here’s what she had to say:

It’s a thrill to capture emotion in what I create. Illustration has stuck with me because of its explorative and expressive avenues. To be able to capture a story in a single image has great value and I want to be a part of creating that.

Monami is inspired by three people:

  • Gabrielle Coco Chanel, because she was brave and very prompt on taking chances
  • Elsa Majimbo, because anything overwhelming can be humorous with the way you react to it
  • David Suh, because he eats his client’s self-doubts for breakfast and that confidence is amplifying

For Monami, a good day at work ends with closing a project successfully. She likes to revisit what has been created and reflect on the work done.

#BeyondtheObvious, Monami makes comics and 2D animated films. She enjoys reading graphic novels, upcycling old clothes and gardening. Her ideal day relaxing involves cleaning her space and watering her plants.