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Meet Bhatt


Meet is a senior web engineer at Obvious with over 6 years of experience in writing high-quality web applications. While being proficient at both backend and frontend systems, his primary expertise lies in architecting scalable frontend systems. After graduating from DAIICT - Gandhinagar, he went on to work as the lead front-end engineer / full-stack contributor at PayTM Insider.

Prior to joining Obvious, he also worked as a freelance consultant - building web applications for independent brands like (customised Shopify experience for a California-based vegan candy brand), (google-calendar-driven booking system and portfolio for the leading recording studios in Mumbai), (portfolio for the prominent record label from India), Quicksand Studios and also contributed for web projects at Obvious.

When asked why he chose to be an engineer, Meet said:

I love patterns and solving problems, and call myself a design engineer, where I get to implement both in my daily work. I especially love observing and learning from patterns from walks of life that have nothing to do with digital products. As an example, architecting a major codebase is much like building a city from scratch. Much like codebases, cities are never 'done' building — they are always evolving. And much like cities, codebases are never the work of a single person but rather an assemblage of a myriad of sensibilities. Exploring these patterns with code as a tool is what excites me.

#BeyondTheObvious, Meet's resilient and mostly silent exterior give way for a perseverance to innovate, a zeal to push through, and a sense of humour to combat any adversities without a hint of hesitance.

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