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Karan is an Engineer turned Designer. He likes fiddling with the new and cool apps and design tools. Previously he has worked as a Freelance designer, UX designer and learned a lot of tricks of the trade plus some things about Social media marketing, talking to people and asking right questions, and he hopes to augment these skills going forward.

When asked why he chose to transition to Design, Karan said:

I’m a product designer because I like to work with other people and get to create solutions that help people accomplish something. The most fulfilling part is when I see my ideas taking shape by bouncing off of other people and seeing that translate into actual design/product. The fact that the community is so well knit, at least currently wherein you have the access to so many great minds in just a click or a message is great.

For Karan, a good day at work is when he’s able to reason out and be at peace with the process he’s following to get the work done. The three people that inspire Karan are: Rafael Nadal due to his resilience on and off the tennis court, and the ability to bounce back even after multiple injuries and win titles, Virat Kohli and Victoria Azarenka, who is again a tennis player.

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#BeyondTheObvious, Karan loves to travel and photograph landscapes, read, play lawn tennis, go for drives with the family and eat his favourite food.

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