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Kanishk is a Product Designer at Obvious. He graduated as a Computer Science engineer but discovered design while learning web-dev in college, and started his design journey thereafter—mostly self-taught but also as a part of as cohort of new designers.

When asked why he chose to transition from an Engineer to a Designer, Kanishk said:

The number of things that I get to unlearn and learn on daily basis is truly amazing. I get to work and interact with talented folks across design and engineering and both contribute as well as build great products with them. Design equips you with the right mindset and tools to better understand nuances of an issue or a problem, and the community is amazing.

As a designer, I enjoy being a part of teams and projects that truly want to empower people. The most fulfilling bit is that as designer you get to advocate (even if it is in a limited capacity at times) for people/users, who are not part of the building process, making tech better bit by bit.

For Kanishk, a good day at work is when he's able to complete all important things early on in the day, have time to do deep work, and learn something new. The three people that inspire him include: Disha Ravi, for her climate justice efforts. Rachita Taneja , for her commentary on the current regime through her comics, and Yuzuru Hanyu along with Guy Martin for being so wholesome and crazy good at what they do.

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#BeyondTheObvious, Kanishk enjoys fiddling around on his motorcycle or riding it, planning a trip to the mountains, fixing stuff (including the teardown and buying the tool for the job part), watching a silly horror movie with his mother or playing with his dog Rain, and spending time with friends and family.

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