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Kanika Tibrewala


As a product designer at Obvious, Kanika loves to center her work at the intersection of design, business and research. She brings a naturally collaborative and creative mindset to problem solving and is drawn to teams and products with a strong vision. Making sense of the world around her and bringing user-focussed value to people are her favourite parts about being a designer.

Her quest for diversity and constant growth has taken her across many industries and enhanced her ability to design with cultural sensitivity. She has most recently led design for Swiggy's R&D vertical where she designed software and IoT solutions. She has also designed for global scale at Microsoft Teams, built products for India's diverse diaspora at BookMyShow and briefly played with Nike's strong visual systems while working at R/GA. She holds a BFA in Design from School of Visual Arts, New York.

Here's why Kanika chose to become a designer:

The serious answer is that I really liked how user focused and iterative design was — there was nothing permanent and something could always be better. The more fun answer is that I didn't like everything I did in college as much as digital design. It's great that I can bring user focused value, and that I am able to solve real human problems in a way that fits into their lives. If I look at a day, and know exactly what I need to achieve that day, that sense of structure and purpose makes me excited. Speaking to the users, bringing value to them, knowing that what I'm doing is going to be used by a lot of people is rewarding!

There is an uncommon level of clarity in reading Kanika's thoughts - be it on Twitter when she talks about how diverse teams are a gift that keeps on giving, or in conversation on call or on Slack about how she engages with her work. There is an economy of words that belies the wisdom and heft those words carry.

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A good day at work for Kanika is deep focused work with two meetings, where the work gets approved and just shipped off to developers. Three people she takes most inspiration from are: Serena Williams, for her raw, focused and unwavering aggression towards her game and goals and her self belief. Siddarth Das, a cousin of hers who recently turned his 15 years of work experience into a framework that helps discover one's passion and combine it with a greater good, and because he basically lives an extremely active, well-informed and balanced life. Noelle Newbold, who was Kanika's first manager and all around amazing, smart, humble, empathetic, dignified and witty.

#BeyondTheObvious, you will find Kanika partaking in the joys of physical activity, biking, baking, meeting her friends, playing some kind of sport, travelling, eating chocolates, or going to a bar at night and having lots of margaritas.

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