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Janhavi Singh


Janhavi works with Obvious as a Product Engineer in the Android engineering team. She likes to build mobile apps and has a keen interest in giving back to the society. She started her journey when she represented her college in the finals of Smart India Hackathon 2018. She realised the impact her technical proficiency can possibly do in the world and has not stopped since.

She has previously worked with Dunzo, Obvious and an NGO called IGiftLife. Other than that, she was a founder and Managing head of her college's drama club - MOSAIC.

When asked why Janhavi chose Engineering, here's what she said:

When I was in my second year of computer science engineering, I was wondering if there was something in the field of coding that really excited me. I was using some apps on my mobile phone and thought, "why not go ahead and build it?" It started off as a small college project, like a mini project. I learned a lot more of it. And then eventually, it just became very interesting for me, and I ended up picking it up as a profession.

For Janhavi, writing code sparks joy and learning more about it is a life-long process that she's always keen to undertake. The three people that inspire Janhavi are Coach Bennett, who runs the Nike Run Club, people in sports, such as Virat Kohli, because of the passion, strength and hard work they put into becoming great players; and her mother, the best leader she's ever come across, forever dedicated to bringing out the best in everyone.

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#BeyondTheObvious, Janhavi enjoys writing poems, running, traveling, swimming, and occasionally playing the guitar and singing.

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