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Honey is a Product Engineer at Obvious and works with the Android Engineering team. Motivated by the ideology that the Android ecosystem we live in is only as good as we make it, being helpful and supportive with mentoring and consulting is one of her strengths. To that end, she writes a number of articles on the topic on Medium. A highly community-driven individual, she's passionately involved as one of the Organisers in Kotlin User group Mumbai and Firebase Community Mumbai, and generates positive energy and content for both the new developers and veterans.

Honey has previously worked with different start-ups, helping them build good applications and clients. She also organises the Android Developer Academy Webinars, a free, voluntary initiative, to promote the teaching and education of new prospective Android developers.

Here's why Honey became an Engineer:

When I was in college, I was shuffling between what fields I wanted to choose and was really skeptical about engineering. But soon I started to have fun with it, realised just how much I enjoy it, and how much I want to be a part of this field.

Engineering is a broad and sometimes a vague category, but it's always nice to bump into people and realise how different their work is even though we're in the same field. It keeps me sane, I don't realise how time passes by, and the degree of innovation is exciting. There is so much to learn, and so much that I don't know yet and it makes me feel amazed.

A good day at work for Honey is where she can work remotely, where there are just enough meetings to communicate effectively but not too many, and where she can feel connected and get to know someone new through Donut 1:1. #BeyondTheObvious, you can find Honey strongly advocating being a woman engineer or enthusiastically playing boardgames.

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