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Harsh is an Android developer with an interest in building delightful UX interactions.

He started his Android journey with AOSP modding all the way back in 2015, eventually moving to apps around 2017 when he started contributing to an OS-level theme engine for Android called substratum and bagging his first job. He is deeply passionate about open source and learning in public, and spends his time learning new things outside Android to keep in touch with the broader tech industry.

When asked why he chose to be a part of the Engineering field, Harsh said:

I first stepped into Android by modding the operating system of my hand-me-down HTC Explorer, and a series of fortunate events introduced me to app development, which eventually turned out to be my calling. I've always been driven by instant gratification, and "putting things on a screen" by way of making apps was precisely that.

Keeping up with the rapidly changing Android ecosystem is an enjoyable challenge for me, and being able to craft meaningful solutions for people and solve real problems continues to drive me.

Harsh prides himself on being self-driven, and is self-taught, having dropped out of college to pursue learning his own way. For him, a good day at work means finishing up all the planned tasks, and being able to show up for his teammates as and when necessary. Harsh also loves writing and blogging infrequently at msfjarvis.dev about a wide range of topics.

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#BeyondTheObvious, Harsh is amateur gamer who has most recently been enjoying Minecraft and Rocket League with his friends. He also loves learning new technologies and programming languages in his spare time, watching a Twitch stream or some trashy sci-fi TV show.

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