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Adit Ajmera

People Experience Associate

Adit is a people experience associate at Obvious.

When Adit was studying international business in Netherlands and France, he realised that he loved the idea of growing businesses strategically and ethically. He’s worked on various facets of business and realises that without the right people, business doesn’t work. When asked why he became a people experience associate, he said:

“People make the organisation and that’s why recruiting the right people and creating a work environment where people do their best work is extremely important.”

For Adit, the three people that inspire him are:

  1. Virat Kohli, for his undying passion, his fearless attitude and his selfless leadership
  2. Rahul Dravid, for his will power and his conduct on and off the field
  3. Marc Chapman, my professor, for inspiring me to become a better listener
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A good day at work for Adit starts with a large cup of coffee. It is a balance of ticking things off his to-do list and social interaction with his colleagues.

#BeyondtheObvious, Adit is a die-hard cricket enthusiast who gave up pursuing cricket because of injuries. He plays video games in his free time and tries to help animals as much as possible.

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