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Achuta Anekal is an Engineer by degree and a designer by passion. He likes dabbling with new tech, experimental innovation, and human-centred design. He graduated as an Electronics engineer from PES University in 2020, and his previous experience as a designer was at a design firm called Thence where he helped build a popular stock trading app.

When asked why he chose to delve into design, Achuta said:

As I was finding ways to build a career around the things that I cared deeply about, I would always find myself building solutions directly for real users. And I believe that the most important criteria for any great product is a great customer experience. So I thought to myself where could build great products around great customer experiences? And the answer was, as a Product Designer.

As a designer you can the role of every stakeholder in the making products/services. Whether it the role of an analyst, an engineer, as sales and as the end user. Its fascinating to learn and build from every perspective! That is what excites me most.

For Achuta, a good day at work is divided clearly: 30% of the time in team meetings and 70% of the time doing deep work. Three people that inspire him are:

Who: Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel and Sridhar Vembu.
Why: They think based on first principles, they don't conform

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Achuta loves sports. You could talk to him for hours about basketball, cricket, F1, and the NFL. He also enjoys reading a lot—on software, money, medieval Indian history, and most recently synthetic biology.

#BeyondTheObvious, Achuta can be found hanging out with his friends and family, watching interesting movies, reading good things, eating great food, and most importantly, having a peaceful afternoon nap.

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