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Aarti is as a Design Researcher at Obvious, where she works closely with users to unravel insights to various stakeholders, and provide strong qualitative assessments. Through her work, she hopes to represent the behaviours and needs of users clearly, so as to help create design solutions that are approachable, and easy to use.

Aarti graduated as an architect from BMS College of Engineering, Bengaluru and went on to complete the Young India Fellowship (Post graduate diploma in Liberal Studies) from Ashoka University, where she discovered her inclination towards human - centered design. Before Obvious, she has worked as a UX Designer at Thence, Bengaluru, with a specialised interest towards UX Research in Ed-tech and Fin-tech domains. She has also worked with several startups and Non-profit organisations as an architect and design consultant.

When asked why she decided to become a designer, here's what Aarti had to say:

I always use a Venn Diagram to explain how I landed where I am. If there were a circle of things I like, and one of what I things I think I'm good at, I think Design Research seems to have found a sweet spot in the overlap. I'd like to believe that a much needed set of twists and turns have helped me identify this middle ground. I love that design research allows one to be general, and specific. First-hand interaction with people, understanding their likes and dislikes, building domain knowledge, all these excite me immensely.

For Aarti, the three people that inspire her outside of work are:

  • Dr. Mihir Shah, an ecomonist and a former member of the Planning Commission of India. He's taught her the importance of action over plain speech (although that has its own benefits), along with a crucial lesson, of not "throwing the baby out of the bath water".
  • Michelle Obama, for her inspiring work, and rare transparency that is just so magical, and
  • Tirath Puni, a friend who inspires her to be optimistic, and reminds her to give back more. "Bad things needn't always happen to good people".
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#BeyondTheObvious, Aarti is a meticulous planner who values deep work and collaboration, equality and equity, vulnerability and honesty; qualities that make her the empathetic person that she is today. When not working, Aarti can be found enjoying the movement arts and doodling.

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