Past Events

WomenDroid: The Workplace Culture Edition

Obvious HQ

Ethical User Research: Towards a code of ethics for researching the ‘Next Billion Users’.

Obvious HQ

Celebrating Women in Design

Obvious HQ

Sealed classes, unsealed complexity

Droidcon Toronto

TransformDesign x Obvious

Obvious HQ

Jetpack Compose — Next Gen Kotlin UI Toolkit for Android

Berlin, Germany

TCR – A cocktail for extreme productivity

Novotel & HICC Complex, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

Jetpack Compose — Next Gen Kotlin UI Toolkit for Android

Conrad Hotel, Bengaluru

Leveraging sealed classes in Kotlin

Conrad Hotel, Bengaluru

Adopting Web Front-end Architectures for Native Mobile Apps

GIDS, Bengaluru

Functional programming with Arrow in Kotlin

GIDS, Bengaluru

On the Panel: Plenary-GIDS 2019 Townhall with Software Experts

GIDS, Bengaluru

Building Flexible and Testable Applications

Fragments, Bengaluru

Building Predictable and High Performance Workflows for Mobile App Development

Fragments, Bengaluru

Validating Design Ideas through Prototyping & User Research

dFrost, Bengaluru

Sprinting into the future – rapid co-creation with your users

BookMyShow Ampthitheatre, Mumbai

Designing and Implementing with Fidelity

Meta Refresh, Bengaluru

Exploring Android Path APIs

Droidcon London

Scaling the biggest design system: your design team

Meta Refresh 2018, Bangalore

Building mobile applications using TDD

BlrKotlin, Bengaluru

Persistence as the Single Source of Truth

Droidcon Berlin

Engineering Design

Sketch Meetup, Bengaluru

The Lesser Known World of Spans

Droidcon San Francisco

Make your Designers love (working with) you

BlrDroid Devfest

Stop the Security Theatre!

GDG DevFest, Bengaluru

Effective and Efficient Mobile Engineering

Fragments, Bengaluru

Designing Playful Tangible Interfaces

HasGeek Design Open House, Bengaluru

Deflating the LayoutInflater

Droidcon Bengaluru

Workshop: Delightful apps with Material Design

Droidcon India, Bengaluru

Designing future-proof Android applications

Intel Developer Zone Codefest

The Evolution of Flyte, Flipkart’s music app

Nitrodroid, Goa

Ruby Monk: From Design to One Million Page Views in Four Weeks

Meta Refresh 2012, Bangalore

Cascading Style Sheets 3

DoctypeHTML5, Ahmedabad