Workshop: Delightful apps with Material Design

  • Pratul Web Pratul Kalia
Droidcon Berlin 2016

Pratul Kalia at DroidCon 2015.

With the release of Lollipop in November last year, we moved a step forward with the introduction of Material Design. This new design paradigm greatly improved the user experience across the board with new concepts, controls and guidelines. Redesigning your apps for Material is important for the user to feel right at home with the rest of the system. This session is going to focus on the tools and skills needed to build a great Material Design experience for your app.

We will start with the basic principles that make up Material Design and talk about the available documentation and libraries. After this, we will cover the patterns and components in detail, with examples in code. For example…

  • Appcompat controls like Button, FAB, EditText, Dialog, NavigationDrawer, Toolbar etc.
  • SwipeRefreshLayout, CardView, RecyclerView etc.
  • Palette tinting library
  • Percent support library
  • Fully supporting Lollipop and Marshmallow while maintaining backward compatibility