Scaling the biggest design system: your design team at MetaRefresh 2018

How do you do your best work? A lot of this conference is devoted to the matter of “craft” - of becoming a better designer, a better developer and so on. However, how do you do your best work when part of a larger team? Throwing more people at the problem is not always the solution; and design management has historically been worse than other types of management. Most business leaders aren’t designers, and many design leaders have risen due to their proficiency in the practice of their craft - not because of their managerial, emotional or operational skills.

This talk is an attempt to provide an answer to that question. What structures do you need? What new processes does one put in? How do you ensure that designers (designers are often hyper-sensitive to the imposition of structure and restraint) do not chafe against these? What organisational structures are right at different points in a company’s growth?