Designing and Implementing with Fidelity

  • Akshay Mobile Akshay Verma
  • Tanushree Mobile Tanushree Jindal
  • Wolfi Mobile Wolfram Thurm
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Well crafted details require a process that prevents design details from getting lost in translation to code. Designers often see a considerable gap between their specifications and the developers’ implementation. Similarly, developers often complain about missing details and unclear inputs from designers. These are outcomes of a mismatch between the languages that designers and developers speak and their understanding of each other’s domains, which leads to poorly crafted products.

In this workshop at MetaRefresh, Bangalore, we will explore how developers can draw from design tools and techniques to help them implement designs better and to help them collaborate more effectively with designers. Participants will be taken through the entire product building cycle, covering design, handover, implementation and iteration, all compressed into a span of a couple of hours.