Building Predictable and High Performance Workflows for Mobile App Development

  • Raghunath Mobile Ragunath Jawahar

Software development itself is a practice that is filled with entropy. Even though there are factors in software development that are beyond our control, there are quite a few parameters that can be controlled and tuned. One of the ways to maximise predictability in software projects is to reduce the number of unknowns. Most teams start with an architecture that sets expectations to a degree. How can we push this even further? What if we can build a degree of predictability on how software is built by individuals? What if we could extrapolate the same ideas to a team and across several teams?

This talk focuses on how various architectures (imperative and functional) influence individual and team throughput during development and maintenance. We’ll acknowledge how software development is a very creative profession but can also withdraw inspiring ideas from efficient systems like turn-key businesses and production lines that can help build software faster and better. We’ll focus on how the choice of architecture and tooling affect various phases of development. Once we gain an understanding of the architecture, we’ll create and tune a workflow by sequencing activities, establishing processes and building custom tooling around it.