As the next wave of Indians come online for the first time, digital technology is having wide-ranging impact on their aspirations, their behaviour, their societal structures and their consumption patterns. We are collaborating with The Hard Copy to bring our readers stories that detail the changes emerging resulting from the rapid adoption of technology by the next billion users in India.

Obvious has three core values: craft, context and community. In order to be true to these values, we need to commit ourselves to understanding complexity. Next Billion Stories will raise the bar for deepening our own understanding of complexity, by exploring, investigating and critiquing how technology and design does, can and will shape the world we live in. We hope it will inspire us, and our readers, to think of creative and strategic ways to respond.

Themes that will be explored (but not restricted to):

  • The Gig Economy
  • Future of Interfaces
  • Global Tech, Local Users
  • Social Media
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Intersections & Infrastructures

Here at Next Billion Stories, we believe that it is critical to examine these changes through a contextual design lens to better understand how to serve this population. These insights are vital for anyone addressing the next billion, be it designers, businesses, developmental organisations or policy makers.

If you are a researcher or writer with an interest in this space, we would love to hear from you and explore how we can work together. Do send in a few details and we’ll be in touch.


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