If we could redesign one thing, it would be...

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As a bunch of creatives, we’re no stranger to bumping into things we would love to reimagine — that’s half our job! It’s one of those exercises that stretches our capacity for innovation and helps us see the world afresh each morning.

Recently, inspired by IDEO, we decided to pitch this question to our colleagues during Friday Town Hall: if you could redesign anything in the world, what would it be and why?

The ensuing conversation was so loud and intense that we’ll spare you from it. Instead, here’s a list of very interesting suggestions that cropped up.


I want to design a contraption to give yourself a haircut. It’ll involve mirrors, static electricity and a 3D printer-like gadget.

Mudita, Product Designer

Dwelling spaces

I would love to redesign dwelling spaces (towns/ cities) with the lens of women as primary consumers. And not just from the perspective of safety, which is, let’s face it, the lowest need in the pyramid.

Monica, Head of People Operations

Pedals in auto-transmission cars

Relieving the pressure from either the accelerator or the brake shouldn’t directly affect the car other than that effect not being applied. But what actually happens is, as soon as you release the brake the car starts moving (no slopes are involved in this) and then you press the accelerator to increase the speed. What I want to change is small: me leaving the brake shouldn’t make the car start moving. Me applying the brake should slow it down and when I release the brake nothing else should happen!

Varun, Product Engineer


Today’s schools are a bad army cantonment version of what schools could be. There’s no room for fun.

Neerja, Head of Communications

Data transfer

One experience I would like to change is to make it easier to transfer data from one service to another. I usually switch between different services or platforms a lot, and it’s a pain to either set up things from scratch or transfer it. Probably a niche thing to redesign!

Sasikanth, Product Engineer

Aeroplane windows

I want to redesign the very tiny window in aeroplanes — the point of seeing the sky up close is absent right now! What if the plane could be made entirely of transparent material?

Aradhana, Illustrator

The education system

I would love to redesign how the Humanities is perceived in tech, starting from how it’s taught in schools. Since we build things for humans, we should redesign how we look at the study of humans: not as a narrow career option, but as a place to learn 'forever' skills.

Sindhu, Chief of Staff

What would you add to the list? Let us know on this Twitter thread, where there are already a bunch of thought-provoking answers! 🤔

Illustration from designstripe